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IotCloud - Intelligence for IoT systems

Czech title:IotCloud - Inteligence pro systémy IoT
Research leader:Kořenek Jan
Team members:Sekanina Lukáš
Agency:Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Keywords:IoT, database, algorithm
The project goal is to create a cloud-based platform for storing, analyzing and visualizing data reported from sensors and actuators of Internet of Things (IoT) systems. The platform will collect and analyze data from systems of various vendors to provide users with clearly displayed information of high added value due to full utilization and interconnection of different systems. The adaptive algorithms running on the platform will analyze, display and control IoT systems according to the user needs and particular deployment, especially focusing on the ergonomics of environment, energy consumption andsystem control automation. The platform will be modular in order to support adding new services, features and new IoT vendors.
  • 2x software
Project outputs:
  • Platforma pro příjem, uchování dat a ovládání připojených systémů
  • Sada modulů implementující inteligentní uživatelské služby a funkce


2018Platform for receiving, storing data and control of connected systems, software, 2018
Authors: Bednařík David, Kohout Petr, Kořenek Jan, Tisovčík Peter, Viktorin Jan

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