Prof. Ing. Adam Herout, Ph.D.


Device for image resampling

Authors: Zemčík Pavel, Herout Adam, Seeman Michal, Přibyl Bronislav
Type: utility model
Number: 21485
Owner: Vysoké učení technické v Brně
Place of issue: Praha
Registration date: 31.08.2010
Approval date: 11.11.2010
Expiration date: -
Keywords: image processing, resampling, image distortion correction

The device is oriented towards digital signal processing of images, especiall images taken by visual sensors with optical lensesor similar systems and for processing of such images caused by the lens systems through fixed circuit or circuit with programmable hardware.

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  • Computer Graphics Research Group

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  • Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia FIT BUT (DCGM)

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