Ing. Zdeněk Letko, Ph.D.

LETKO Zdeněk, VOJNAR Tomáš and KŘENA Bohuslav. AtomRace: data race and atomicity violation detector and healer. In: PADTAD '08. Seattle: Association for Computing Machinery, 2008, pp. 1-10. ISBN 978-1-60558-052-4.
Publication language:english
Original title:AtomRace: Data Race and Atomicity Violation Detector and Healer
Title (cs):AtomRace: nástroj pro automatickou detekci a opravu časově závislých chyb
Proceedings:PADTAD '08
Conference:PADTAD - Parallel and Distributed Systems: Testing and Debugging
Series:Proceedings of the 6th workshop on Parallel and distributed systems
Place:Seattle, US
Publisher:Association for Computing Machinery
detection, healing, atomicity violation, data race, Java
The paper proposes a novel algorithm called AtomRace for a
dynamic detection of data races. Data races are detected as a special case of atomicity violations on atomic sections specially defined to span just particular read/write instructions and the transfer of control to and from them. A key ingredient allowing AtomRace to efficiently detect races on such short atomic sections is a use of techniques for a careful injection of noise into the scheduling of the monitored programs. The approach is very simple, fully automated, avoids false alarms, and allows for a lower overhead and better scalability than many other existing dynamic data race detection algorithms. We illustrate these facts by a set of experiments with a prototype implementation of AtomRace. Further, AtomRace can also be  applied to detect atomicity violations on more general atomic sections than those used for the data race detection. They can be defined by the user or
obtained by some static analysis.
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