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What is it?

Are you learning any language? Is it difficult for you to learn vocabulary from books? Do you want remember words in several meanings? I have had such problems too, so I wrote this program for vocabulary learning.

What is it good for?

  1. Examinig vocabulary, including synonyms
    1. Original -> Translation
    2. Translation -> Originál
    3. Bidirectionally
  2. Creating new tests.

System requirements

The program will work on every computer with Windows from version 95. I am actually using it in GNU/Linux, where you need Wine. Eventually I want to compile it in Kylix in order to GNU/Linux users could use it directly.

How much is it?

Nothing. The program is licenced according to GPL (General Public Licence). You can download it as binaries or you can download the source code. You can customize it as you want but if you want to redistribute it then, you have to use the same licence. If you will resolve to do such thing, please, let me know (especially if you will find some bugs).



Installable binary version - after installation, you can use the program. It works even with Wine in GNU/Linux.
Source files for Delphi 2, 3 (4,5 ?) a source files for MS Help Workshop (in czech).


In present time, I have only my collection of czech-english tests. It contains the vocabulary I needed to school and also something I collected by reading of books.

If you will send me your tests, I will place them here with pleasure.

Used tools

Delphi 3
MS Help Workshop - help compiler.
MS Word - for editing of a RTF help file.
STest - for creating of the tests.
INNO Setup Builder - superb and simple installation compiler from Jordan Rusell. In several language mutations here.