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Try out HTTP and FTP

Messing around with the Internet in Squeak.

You can simply and easily manipulate web pages and FTP files from Squeak.
Open a Transcript.

HTTPSocket httpShowGif: 'http://www.altavista.com/av/gifs/new/front_hdr.gif'.

HTTPSocket httpShowGif: 'www.webPage.com/~kaehler2/ainslie.gif'.

(HTTPSocket httpGif: 'http://www.altavista.com/av/gifs/new/front_hdr.gif') inspect.

HTTPSocket httpShowJpeg: 'http://www.webPage.com/~kaehler2/WasteSmall1.jpg'.

(HTTPSocket httpJpeg: 'http://www.webPage.com/~kaehler2/WasteSmall1.jpg') inspect.

HTTPSocket httpShowPage: 'http://www.altavista.digital.com/index.html'.

(HTTPSocket httpGet: 'http://www.altavista.digital.com/index.html') inspect.

You can start your own Swiki by reading (PWS class howToStart).

The FileList browser can show FTP directories and files on the net.
[open...] [file list]

ServerDirectory serverNames

UCSB _ ServerDirectory serverNamed: 'UCSBCreateArchive'.
(UCSB getFileNamed: 'Connections.doc') contentsOfEntireFile.

Make a ServerDirectory. (See [add new server] in the left pane of the FileList.
UMN_ (ServerDirectory new)
server: 'ftp.micro.umn.edu';
directory: '/pub/gopher/';
user: 'anonymous';
password: 'you@disney.com';
moniker: 'UMN documents'.
ServerDirectory addServer: UMN named: 'UMN documents'.
Now look in the FileList browser. Choose UMN. At end, '00ReadMe'. Select all. Cmd-Shift-U to put in proper carriage returns.