The Story of Squeak

Final Reflections

While we considered using Java for our project, we still feel that Smalltalk offers a better environment for research and development. At a time when the world is moving toward native host widgets, we still feel that there is power and inspiration in having all of the code for every aspect of computation and display be immediately accessible, changeable, and identical across platforms. Finally, when most development environments fill 100 megabytes of disk space or more, Squeak is a portable, malleable, full-service computing environment, including browsing, split-second recompilation, and source debugging tools, all in a 1-megabyte footprint. Though many of its strengths are rooted in the past, Squeak is suited to the intimate computing potential of PDAs and the Internet, and our work is, now more than ever, inspired by the future.


The authors wish to acknowledge the support of Apple Computer throughout this project, especially Jim Spohrer, Don Norman, and Elizabeth Greer. We especially appreciate their wisdom in seeing that Squeak would be worth more if it were made freely available. We also wish to thank the entire Squeak community for their encouragement and support, especially those who have submitted code or donated their time and energy to maintaining Squeak ports and the Squeak mailing list and web sites.