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Squeak inherits the original ST-80 three button mouse. PenSqueak is the generic name for experiments in moving Squeak from the current dominant keyboard/mouse interface to a voice/pen interface.

Our number one commitment is to an exquisite personal computing environment. Imagine a system as immediate and tactile as a sketch pad, in which you can effortlessly mingle writing, drawing, painting, and all the structured leverage of computer science. - Dan Ingalls, PlaceInTheUniverse

Character Recogniser related pages:

  • Character Recogniser Squeak has a built-in character recogniser.

  • History of the Character Recogniser excerpts from the SqueakList in which Alan Kay talks about the background to the Squeak Character Recognizer.

    Pen related notes:

  • Pens v. Mice Notes on some differences, from a UI viewpoint, between pens and mice.

  • Platforms:

    Squeak will run on these portable platforms:

  • HP Jornada 548

    Some possible platforms for a pen-based Squeak include:

  • PalmOS devices
  • - http://www.palm.com
  • Vadem Clio/Sharp Tripad
  • - http://www.clio.com
  • Digital Itsy
  • - http://www.research.digital.com/wrl/itsy
  • Compaq iPaq
  • - http://www.handhelds.org/Compaq/index.html, follow-on to Itsy
  • VTech Helio
  • - http://www.myhelio.com/, Linux ports at http://www.pocketlinux.com/ and http://vhl-tools.sourceforge.net/
  • Agenda VR3
  • - http://www.agendacomputing.com/