Consider that some applications are available remotely through the integrated development environment.

ISAC Compiler

Translates the ISAC language to an internal model in XML format. Performs syntax and semantic check of the ISAC language.

Retargetable compiler and decompiler C

Retargetable compiler C enables programming of any microprocessor architectures. Retargetable decompiler C language enables debugging of the application program for any microprocessor architectures. The reconfiguration of the compiler and decompiler is based on input parameters, which are in our case elements of the description language.

Assembler, disassembler and simulator generators

These generators allow to create software tools based on the microprocessor's internal model. Generators create specific tools based on input parameters, which are in our case elements of the description language. The simulator is generated in the two versions. The first version is based on an instruction-accurate simulation. The second version is based on the cycle-accurate simulation with statically scheduled operations. Both simulators enable debugging of the application program; furthermore there is a support for a multiprocessor simulation of the multiprocessor system on the chip.

Hardware generator of synthesizable representation of the microprocessor

This generator allows creating hardware representation of the microprocessor based on the microprocessor's internal model. Based on the microprocessor model a synthesizable representation of the central controller together with instruction decoders is automatically generated in a hardware description language. Functional units are mapped on to the existing components, which are described manually by designer in hardware description language.


Integrated development enwironment will be based on a three-layer architecture which consists of following layers:

Middleware (mw) - server

The developers work on the server via user interfaces. Developers are able to generate and run software tools on the server side. The middleware provides:

  • creation of generic tools
  • run control and mutual synchronization of the simulators

User interface - presentation layer

An environment providing developer with all functions needed for the entire microprocessor development. Several types of interfaces will be (are) available:

  • Web interface
  • Command line interface
  • Integrated Development Environment in the form of plug-ins for the Eclipse platform

Simulator interface - simulation run control

Function of this layer is remote control of the simulators run. Interface provides functions for remote debugging of the applications running on simulators, in addition it allows simultaneous run of several simulators.