Diploma and Bachelor Thesis

Topics of master's and bachelor's theses are introduced below. If you are interesting in some of them, feel free in contacting us.

Design of Specification Language

  • Design of the architecture description language ISAC
  • Design of the graphical language (based on the UML language) for SoC (System on the Chip) description


  • Retargetable compiler and decompiler C
  • Transformation from the assembler language to the machine language and backward

Simulation and Debugging

  • Simulator of the ASIP (Application Specific Instruction set Processor)
  • Network protocol for the multiprocessor distributed simulation of SoC
  • Linker
  • Debugger

Architecture Realization in Hardware

  • Implementation of the ASIP in hardware description language

Integrated Development Environment

  • By syntax controlled editor of the description language for the eclipse environment
  • Three layer development environment