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Squeak FAQ

Here are answers to questions that frequently arise on the Squeak Email List. (FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.) If you have a question you suspect is a common one, check here before posting to the mailing list--maybe it's already been answered! On the other hand, if you can't find an answer here, go ahead and ask the friendly folks on the list and then summarize your answers here.

We probably shouldn't just post things here that haven't actually been asked on the list, much less frequently asked. Instead of posting just a question that you want an answer to, post it on the list first. Instead of posting a a question-answer pair you think people will be interested in even though they haven't been talking about it, make a new swiki page somewhere.

Finally, if you see an answer here that is incomplete, unclear, too verbose, or just plain wrong, go ahead and fix it! Like most Wiki pages, there is no central editor here.

The Squeak Community

About Squeak

Downloading and Starting Squeak

The Squeak Interface

Programming with Squeak

Programming in Squeak


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